R3 blockchain consortium lost two important employees

R3 blockchain consortium lost two important employees

R3, a blockchain consortium of 70 financial companies – lost two key figures, pioneers of the organization. Each of them is going start their own business, CoinDesk reports.

Tim Grant, R3's head of global business development, and Tim Swanson, its director of market research, have left to start their own businesses. According to R3 managing director Charley Cooper, this indicates that the main brainchild of R3, the blockchain platform Corda, is close to is maturity.

“These guys know so much more about our platform than a company that comes to us as an issue of first impression. They're in a really unique place to go out and push the benefits of Corda because they were there to help develop it”, says Charley Cooper.

Tim Swanson will develop his own consulting company Post Oak Labs. It will help fintech startups to navigate regulatory requirements and other challenges. At the same time Mr. Swanson will continue to support R3 as an adviser.

Tim Grant will also be engaged in consulting, but with DrumG. His team will support those startups that will use Corda blockchain platform for their developments.

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