World’s new tax organization and Satoshi Nakamoto’s personality: week’s digest of news in the blockchain realm

World’s new tax organization and Satoshi Nakamoto’s personality: week’s digest of news in the blockchain realm

Satoshi Nakamoto’s personality may be unveiled, Uzbekistan is set to digitalize the economy, IBM expands its presence on the blockchain market. Read our digest to find out more about these and other week’s news in the crypto industry.

Let blockchain be!

As reported by Chair of Azerbaijan Internet Forum Osman Gündüz on June 28, the country held a conference for entrepreneurs dedicated to blockchain application in business, ICO launching, and smart contracts creating. According to the expert, businessmen got to know the benefits of blockchain implementation their sphere of activities and ways of capital attraction through ICO.

Osman Gündüz noted that there are private companies and even governmental institutions having successfully integrated blockchain in their work across the country. The conference was organized by the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs of the Azerbaijan Republic and the Center for Study and Development of the Market for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology of Azerbaijan.

Satoshi Nakamoto, who is he?

On July 2, crypto media reported that an anonym attributed to the bitcoin’s founder Satoshi Nakamoto published the information about a book to unveil his personality on the website According to the author, the names of some people who want to remain unknown were not mentioned.

The first chapter of the book has already appeared online. It informs about Satoshi’s enthusiasm for cryptography and prerequisites to bitcoin’s creation. As the author reports, bitcoin came into our life only because Satoshi appeared in the right place at the right time.

Tax officers of all the countries, unite!

On July 2, heads at tax offices from five countries appeared to have established a unified operational alliance to combat cryptocurrency crime. The new organization is called J5 comprising representatives of special services and tax agencies from Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, the UK, and the U. S.

The alliance will prevent avoidance of international and transnational tax settlement. J5 also intends to tackle offshore structures and financial tools damaging the global economy.

Kick-start to blockchain development in Uzbekistan

On July 3, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a document assigning measures intended to develop of the digital economy in the country. Particularly, all transactions initiated by individuals and organizations will be tax-free, currency regulations also won’t extend to them. Notwithstanding, it will be obligatory for crypto exchanges and any organizations engaged in crypto assets trading to obtain a state license.

Blockchain is expected to appear in clearing, credit provision, and trade financing. The National Agency of Project Management of Uzbekistan is delegated to implement this program.

IBM expands influence on the blockchain market

Six heavyweights (Koopman Logistics Group, Crédit Mutuel, Teckel Medical, Osram AG, Gruppo 24 Ore, and RS Components) have made an agreement with IBM implying leveraging of IBM Cloud to develop own blockchain-based products and AI-powered solutions.

The aim of the partnership with IBM lies in the improvement of services and products delivered to clients. IBM’s solutions are expected to accelerate business processes inside the abovementioned companies, boost their transparency and combat fakes.

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