Top 5 cryptocurrency mobile applications

Top 5 cryptocurrency mobile applications

Together with the growth of cryptocurrency popularity, the number of mobile applications designed for crypto operations is growing as well. For your information the top five most popular of them: they are used to check accounts or make transaction in a couple of clicks.

1. Abra

Abra is a digital wallet for mobile phones, originally designed specifically for Bitcoin. The co-founder of the startup is Gwyneth Paltrow.

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Currently, Abra is an easy-to-use and functional application for dealing with cryptocurrencies. Intuitive control system, low fees and conversion in more than 50 currencies make it number one in the rating of cryptocurrency mobile applications.

2. Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core is an official Bitcoin Foundation client, one of the most common cryptocurrency applications in the world. It has relevant versions for all the most popular operating systems. The main advantage of Bitcoin Core is full control over all keys, including public keys, and security of user's cryptocurrency accounts.

3. BitPay

The client developed by the payment website BitPay was designed specifically for those who would like to use the bitcoin account within the system. Bitcoin Checkout supports absolutely all the website functions, up to the charity in Nepal.

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4. Coinbase

The application is developed by the team of the same-named company and is often recommended as a client for beginners, wishing to become a part of the crypto community and acquire the first bitcoins. The company has signed numerous contracts with banks around the world, which allows users to make payments through ACH, SWIFT and SEPA using the Coinbase application. Recently, PayPal and credit card options have also been added.

5. Crypto Pro

The Crypto Pro application is compatible with 100 most popular coins, including Bitcoin. All information about the account status and quotations of various cryptocurrencies is tracked in real time, and a wide range of individual settings allows users to customize the display of information. In addition, the application makes it possible to create QR codes for getting bitcoins.

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Another advantage of Crypto Pro is compatibility with Apple Watch.

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