R3 blockchain consortium launched Corda platform

R3 blockchain consortium launched Corda platform

The largest blockchain consortium R3 released the Corda platform (v. 1.0).

Corda will minimize costs in various financial transactions. This effect will be achieved through smart contracts, which will allow users to make transactions anonymously and safely.

However, at the same time, it is not based on standard blockchain technologies, but applies unique notarial nodes. Money transfers through Corda are visible only to those users who have special access.

The company’s CEO, David Rutter. considers this development as diverse and free as possible on the world market.

To create its R3 system CEV received about 107 million dollars from investors.

Despite the success of Corda, two key figures left the company: Tim Grant, responsible for the global business development of the company, and Tim Swanson, head of market research.

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